Mille Carr Books is owned and run by Millie Carr, a passionate educator who has been teaching for the last 9 years. She absolutely adores picture story books and has loved them for as long as she can remember. Millie use's picture story books as mentor texts in her teaching, at home with her children and also as enjoyment for herself.  Picture books are not just for children, a Stereotype she hopes to dispel through her frequent recommendations on social media. 

Millie is a mother of 3 (14, 12 and 1) who are her world and a constant source of inspiration! As a neurodiverse family with 3 members identifying as neurodivergent, they hope to bring to light the experiences of those in this community and create books that have relatable, visible neurodivergent characters. Unmasking Millie is the first of many books planned that will form our neurodivergent collection. 

We thank you for stopping by and purchasing one of our books or resources. You can follow us on our socials @milliecarrbooks to keep up to date with our new releases and upcoming products. 

Millie Carr